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Key Indicators

+ 0 projects at national and international level
0 % of our budget comes from private/public funding programs
0 women in our management board (12 members)
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The EMAS Club

  • Our policy

    It includes the principles and intentions that inspire all our activities, you can access it through this link.

  • Managing our offices

    You can find information about the good environmental practices implemented in our office, many of them can be easily adopted by other organizations.

  • Commitment to society

    You’ll learn about the actions carried out by us in collaboration with environmental and social NGOs, training centres, etc.

  • Managing our projects

    Part of our projects and initiatives are not carried out in our premises. Here you can have a look to the good environmental practices adopted in events, training courses, EMAS awards, etc.

Learn about things...

We have acquired one of the 17,418 "Fairphone2" that were produced in 2015, an eco-designed phone and environmental added value. If you want more information about this phone consulting this website

Case studies, construction materials and interesting educational videos. Things that can be applied in the construction industry but at home.

Company materials that may have a second use. It may interest you?
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Our performance indicators

Energy - Consumption/employee (kWh)
Water - Daily Consumption/employee (litres) 19,69 litres
Paper - Yearly total consumption (reams) 8,16 reams
Use of land - m² of built-up and compensated area 30,03 m²
Emissions - Tonnes of CO2 equivalent